Monday, May 6, 2013

Before and After Photos

With gratitude and relief -- we have "traded up" in our lifestyle.  Thanks be to God!

Dining Room -- before
Dining Room Table, Oven table and Buffet

Our company provided furniture for us to use before our crate arrived, and we really appreciated it, but our place was still pretty utilitarian/empty.

"Spacious" Living Room -- Before
Living Room -- After

Here Jennifer is working on a school project on the floor, as it was the best place to spread out and work before our kitchen table or her desk arrived!  On the right, Stew is studying on our new couch.  It is awesome to have new, more comfortable places to study and work!

Much more comfy study spaces!

Jenna's "Study Area"

Here is how we slept for the first four months; on futon cushions on the floor.  We were grateful for all our friends provided for us, but we are living and sleeping much more comfortably now!

Bunk Beds now fill the room
Girls' Bedroom - Before

Perfect play space!

And, last but not least, the master bedroom redux. 

Our Master "Bed" -- Before
Rental Dresser for Two

Our new bed and dressers fit quite snugly in our room, but they look awesome! 

A view of our new dressers and bed.

Now that's a bed!

Believe it or not, it took three days or so to get used to sleeping in a real bed again!  Our sore and tired bodies weren't accustomed to the luxury of a real mattress.

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